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Top 5 Recommendations for Digital Agility

Accelent Consulting, in partnership with The CMO Club and Oracle Marketing Cloud, recently published a study, CMO Insights on the Journey to Digital Agility that provides a snapshot of where marketing leaders stand along this path today. 82 CMOs were surveyed and in-depth 1-1 interviews were conducted. The study showed that ‘world-class’ digitally agile enterprises are those with core digital skills, advanced maturity and a desire to proactively seek new digital approaches.

In compiling the report, it became clear that digital agility is not just about understanding what’s needed – it’s also about translating that understanding into action and accelerating adoption. The ROI is clear: reduced costs, increased sales, happier clients, enhanced competitiveness, deeper market understanding and (ultimately) increased revenue and profit.

With this in mind, the top recommendations are:

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Digital Agility Survey Highlights

Digital marketing has undergone tremendous change over the past few years with the introduction of revolutionary new tools and techniques. The result has been a massive cultural shift in which the science of marketing has become (at least) as important as the art of marketing. The need to act faster and adapt to changing customer and market needs, using this technology has put the concept of digital agility front and center.

 This report, CMO Insights on the Journey to Digital Agility, provides a ‘snapshot’ into where marketing leaders along this path today. 82 CMOs were surveyed and a few highlights are presented here.

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