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This Isn't a Tech Bubble - Here is Why

By Barbara Saxby / Mar 31, 2017 /

Industry Trends

I am a huge fan of this man, MR Rangaswami, for his leadership and contributions to the software industry and also for the wonderful human being he is. He wrote this blog post and I wanted to share it as there are some great insights here about technology and market trends.  You can also read the article on the Sandhill.com. website and I suggest you subcscribe to the newsletter too.  The blog post begins below.

Veterans like me have seen the cycle: hype, rise, crash, rebuild. Given historic patterns, the technology market “bubble” should have burst by now. 

It hasn’t. 

That’s because this isn’t a bubble. And it’s not a “Trump rally” either. We’re building a strong foundation for continued tech market growth that should sustain the cycle for a couple of decades.  Here’s why.

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Mind the Gap - IT and Marketing Alignment

 In Part 1 of this two part article on Marketing and IT alignment, How IT Can Break Down Barriers to Digital Agility, we discussed how marketing perceives its biggest barrier to digital agility being IT Infrastructure. In Part two we address how IT can better support the data needs of the marketing team to build the solutions they require to drive the business. And, how IT can get involved earlier in the solutions requirement process to build better collaboration.

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How IT Can Break Down Barriers to Digital Agility

 Marketing has become increasingly dependent on technology and digital business transformation initiatives are prevalent in organizations, making the need for better marketing and IT alignment even more important to business success. In fact, a recent survey by Gartner states that the average marketing expense budget is now equivalent to 12% of company revenue and 27% of that is allocated to marketing tech. This 27% means that 3.2% of company revenue is now set aside for marketing technology. Compare this to 3.4% of revenue for the CIO’s tech budget.

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