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So, How is Your Customer Acquisition and Retention Engine Working For You?

By Bill Stone / Jun 7, 2017 /

Solution Offerings

We understand that Digital Agility is the new requirement. But we believe marketing strategy and program execution must first be agile (tried, tested, measured, and refined). Then campaigns can be implemented using systems and technology to effectively grow the business. Let me ask you a few questions:

How did the last quarter look?
Are your Marketing programs performing well against plan?
How about Sales?
Do you have the right resources?

There are many frameworks, KPI’s, blueprints and playbooks, but how do you get the holistic perspective you need to tie them all together so you can more effectively and actively manage your customer acquisition and retention engine?

How Accelent is Different

Sirius Decisions, Forrester, SBI, CSO Insights, Bain, Deloitte, HBR and other analyst and business consultants, all have great frameworks and coaching but they take a 10,000 foot theoretical approach and leave you with a PPT deck. But maybe it’s time to get a trusted professional, or team, who has been in your shoes and can step in and get the work done.

We live it. We helped a lot of your peers do it.  We offer marketing executives a fresh third party view where we come in and do quick assessment to help you get answers to tough questions and then help refine strategy and processes. For example, our Customer Acquisition & Retention Assessment solution offering will help you benchmark where you are today and dive into some deeper issues that may need improvement. Here are some common areas where we can help streamline the revenue engine across all funnel stages.

funnel 2.png
  • NURTURE:  Have you scaled your top of funnel, but now seeing a delay in KPIs in mid-funnel, SQL and Opportunity generation?
  • ANALYTICS:  Do you need a fresh perspective on your revenue attribution model?
  • ABM:  How’s that ABM (Account Based Marketing) blueprint coming?
  • WIN-RATE:  Is sales and marketing pulling together? Do they need scripts, templates, content and playbooks to ensure the right and relevant story is being told?
  • TOFU (top of funnel):  Are lead generation programs delivering results that look like a Martini Glass Shaped sales funnel – lots of leads at the top but little coming out of the bottom, and too slowly?
  • PERSONAS:  How well do you really understand your buyer groups decision criteria? How well are your personas connected to your content marketing strategy, and supporting your program blueprints, so you can accelerate the buyer journey?
  • CONTENT: Is there too much product and not enough relevance and insight tying your story together? What are the gaps? Where are the bottlenecks? Is the fuel you’re loading into your machine engaging, actionable, converting? Could your STORY have gaps?
  • CUSTOMER ACQUISITION MACHINE: Or, maybe you’re thinking you want to get a level deeper in the development of your “Revenue Growth Calculator” with a more active framework and algorithm to optimize your revenue machine.

We have programmatic service offerings that deliver you quick wins, demonstrate competence, and provide you with new, holistic and objective perspectives to jump-start your customer acquisition and or retention engine (and, if you like, in a language that resonates with senior stakeholders).

Want some perspective on a specific goal or issue? We thrive on problem solving. Contact us today and we’ll schedule time to listen to your needs and offer our insights as to how we can help; you can email me here.

About Accelent Consulting

Founded in 2001 by Barbara Angius Saxby, Accelent Consulting combines strategic Marketing & Sales leadership, with technology expertise and execution support to accelerate revenue growth and improve marketing effectiveness. We drive business results from the top of the funnel to the bottom line – while helping organizations become more digitally agile to better deliver customer value. Accelent serves a range of companies from startups to blue chips in several verticals with consultants based in the US and Europe. We work on a project, retainer, or interim management basis and serve as your outsourced team help you accelerate projects or programs and quickly scale your resources, up or down, as the business demands. For more information, visit our Website or email us.           

Written by Bill Stone

Bill is a partner at Accelent located in Boston. He is a seasoned executive with over 25 years experience in strategic marketing, management, and global business development – the past decade as a growth consultant providing interim or fractional (CRO/ CMO) pipeline acceleration leadership. As a Partner at Accelent, his focus is helping companies transform and modernize customer acquisition machines & retention engines to scale growth, accelerate value and exit events, and employ best practices to improve marketing and sales process alignment and operations.
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