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Digital Agility Survey Highlights

Digital marketing has undergone tremendous change over the past few years with the introduction of revolutionary new tools and techniques. The result has been a massive cultural shift in which the science of marketing has become (at least) as important as the art of marketing. The need to act faster and adapt to changing customer and market needs, using this technology has put the concept of digital agility front and center.

 This report, CMO Insights on the Journey to Digital Agility, provides a ‘snapshot’ into where marketing leaders along this path today. 82 CMOs were surveyed and a few highlights are presented here.

 Key Survey Findings 

  • The CMO is the most common owner of overall organizational digital strategy in addition to digital marketing strategy.
  • The top three drivers of digital marketing agility are: (1) enhancing the customer experience, (2) improving competitive position and (3) increasing sales.
  • Digital skills are now a basic entry requirement for marketing professionals. 71% of CMOs feel that their teams now have at least “basic digital proficiency”.
  • In B2B enterprises, enhancing the customer experience is almost twice as important as increasing sales.
  • Almost half of CMOs feel that digital marketing has provided a “much enhanced” view of the customer.
  • The biggest barrier to marketing digital agility is not having an appropriate technology infrastructure.
  • In world-class organizations, responsibility is pushed down the organization, and functional leaders are the owners of digital strategy.
  • When developing new initiatives, IT function is viewed as an implementer but in larger organizations IT involvement grows.
  • Half of CMOs feel that their traditional and digital marketing is only “somewhat aligned”.
  • A new role of marketing technologist is becoming increasingly common.

 “CMO Insights on the Journey toward Digital Agility” can be downloaded for free so get it now. 

About Accelent Consulting

Founded in 2001 by Barbara Angius Saxby, Accelent Consulting combines strategic Marketing & Sales leadership, with technology expertise and execution support to accelerate revenue growth and improve marketing effectiveness. We drive business results from the top of the funnel to the bottom line – while helping organizations become more digitally agile to better deliver customer value. Accelent serves a range of companies from startups to blue chips in several verticals with consultants based in the US and Europe. We work on a project, retainer, or interim management basis and serve as your outsourced team help you accelerate projects or programs and quickly scale your resources, up or down, as the business demands. For more information, visit our Website or email us.  

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Written by Barbara Saxby

Barbara is a senior executive with 25 years experience in strategic marketing, management, and international business development. For the past sixteen she has provided interim VPM/CMO leadership to accelerate growth and improve marketing effectiveness. Barbara is a recognized thought leader in how to build strategies and leverage technology to improve Digital Agility. As Managing Director for Accelent, she consults with clients, builds the team, scopes projects, and drives global business development.